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If you’re looking for a houseplant that thrives in less sunny rooms but is striking enough to start a conversation every time someone new comes over, the fast-growing Stromanthe sanguinea—also known as triostar or tricolor prayer plant—should be the next plant you buy.

Bold Colors

This tropical plant is eye-catching, with broad shiny leaves in shades of deep green, cream, and pink. The plant can grow up to 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy houseplant, this is it.

Easy Care

Tricolor prayer pants grow quickly, so they’re great for home gardeners who love seeing immediate progress and propagating plants as they outgrow previous pots. They thrive in full shade and do best with regular watering. Keep soil moist by watering weekly and misting between watering.

Growing Outdoors

This tropical plant does best outside during warmer seasons, but it can provide a pop of color during late spring or summer when planted in shaded garden beds. To keep the plant alive, move it into a container and keep it inside before the first frost of the year.

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