TV Frame


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Figuring out where to put your TV can be tricky, especially in small spaces. A giant black box on the wall can put a serious cramp in your style. That’s where this hidden TV from Samsung comes in. “The Frame” looks just like a work of art on your wall when you’re not streaming your favorite shows. Here’s what Amazon shoppers had to say about this discreet television.

How It Works

Samsung’s “The Frame” TV seamlessly blends into your existing decor and makes a great addition to a gallery wall. The TV can be hung flush against the wall with your choice of a black, walnut, or white bezel that looks just like a picture frame. When you’re not watching something, “The Frame” transforms into art mode and is disguised as a piece of art. Customers loved that they could select their favorite famous paintings or use their own family photos.

High Quality Picture

This Samsung TV sets out to solve your interior design woes, but it also needs to function as a great television. The high quality picture didn’t disappoint. Customers loved that they could watch their favorite shows and movies in 4K HDR, and that the art mode fooled guests who thought the shoppers had replaced their TVs with a painting.

Final Verdict

Amazon shoppers gave “The Frame” and average of 4 out of 5 stars with over 100 reviews. The biggest pros were the ability to mount this TV flush against the wall so it looked like a painting and saved space, the motion sensor activated art mode, and the installed streaming apps. However, some Amazon shoppers dropped points for the hefty price tag (just over $1000), and that voice control was sometimes triggered by audio on the TV.

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