Elaborate large window curtain tieback tassels, cords, and trim over green silk curtains, warm wood background.

For years tassels and tiebacks have adorned curtains and tapestries, and they are a designer favorite for adding a small touch of elegance. But there is a whole new breed of tassels and tiebacks and they're showing up in a variety of ways you might not have thought of. Look for tiebacks and tassels with interest and unique features such as ceramic knobs and acrylic beads that make tassels and tiebacks feel more current. Here are 10 ways to add a little embellishment to your home with tassels and tiebacks.

Become a fan. Try adding a tassel to your ceiling fan pulls for creating an opulent touch to a standard bead chain pull. If you have a light on your fan, add two different colored tassels to help you remember which belongs to the light and which to the fan.

Dress up coat hooks. If you have coat hooks or coat stand near your door, dress them up with tassels. Hang tassels on umbrellas in an umbrella stand. Choose brightly colored or contrasting colors to give the umbrellas interest.

Tieback hangers. For something unique, try using tiebacks for towel hangers. In a bathroom, hang a pretty hook with a simple satin cord tieback to hold hand towels. Or, add two hooks spread apart and add a long tie-back to each hook to hold bath towels.

Sconce drama. To give your sconces more impact, hang a tassel from each one for a regal effect. Try a large single tassel from the center or single hook, or adorn each branch with a tassel for a maximalist approach.

Bedroom upgrades. Tassels and tiebacks add a posh touch in the bedroom. Hang tiebacks or tassels from the four corners of a canopy bed, doorknob or a nightstand pull. For beds with large posts, try adding a tieback on the posts of the headboard or footboard.

Embellish a vase or lamp. Guild the lily by adding a tasseled tieback to the neck of a vase or lamp. Tied at the neck, both will look more opulent.

Dress up your bar. For special vintages of wine or spirits adding a tassel to the neck of a bottle will give it more panache. As a hostess gift, forgo the standard wine bottle gift bag and add a tassel to the top to dress up your present.

Up level candlesticks. Adorn tall candlesticks with tassels. Footed candlesticks look fabulous with a plush tassel hanging from the top or draped luxuriously around the feet.

Make your table prettier. There's no reason you can't add tassels to the dining room. Drape tiebacks to dining room chairs for a dramatic look. You can also add an elegant tassel to a footed dish, hung from a chandelier or use them as napkin holders.

Little touches. Tassels dress up anywhere they're placed. Try them at the front door knob, a banister, around lamp switches, tied to drawer pulls, stitched to the corners of throw pillows and throws, or on an antique key used as an accessory. Add a pair to a china cabinet door pulls, or on a statue or large decorative figures or drape a tassel around a picture frame.

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