Glass Rinser


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If you’ve ever pulled your glasses out of the dishwasher only to find stuck on smoothie gunk or coffee stains at the bottom of the mug, this glass rinser from Delta is about to be your new favorite way to get your glasses squeaky clean.

How It Works

The Delta glass rinser can be installed on sinks that have an existing soap dispenser, side sprayer, or sink hole cover on the countertop. It comes with a supply line so you can easily hook it up to your sink. Once installed, you simply place the glass on top of the rinser and powerful jets blast away drink residue in seconds. The overhand directs water back into the sink for a mess-free cleanup.

Deeper Clean, No Scrubbing Necessary

Whether you’re a daily smoothie drinker who’s tired of carefully scrubbing around the blades of your personal blender, of you’re too busy caring for a baby to spend all your time scrubbing out bottles, this sink attachment glass cleaner is the perfect kitchen accessory. You can rest easy knowing your glasses, mugs, kid’s travel cups, and thermoses are thoroughly cleaned, even in hard to reach places.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers love this glass cleaner giving it an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with more than 400 reviews. They loved how easy this device was to install, many saying it took under 10 minutes. Customers especially loved this glass cleaner for cleaning baby bottles and water bottles and found the powerful jets could get out lingering odors from coffee thermoses.

Delta Faucet Metal Glass Rinser for Kitchen Sinks available from Amazon