Paper Towels


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Small kitchen messes happen all the time, but that doesn’t mean you need to reach for a paper towel every time you spill food. If you find yourself going through rolls of paper towels and need to kick the habit, these reusable absorbent cloths make the transition away so much easier.

Environmentally Friendly

Switching from paper towels to reusable cloth towels is a simple way to cut down on how much waste you produce every year. These large super absorbent cloths from City Threads are made in the USA, contain no harsh chemicals, and are soft enough to clean a baby’s hands and face after mealtime. The set of 6 large towels can be used to replace paper napkins and paper towels and help you eliminate a major source of paper waste in your home.

Budget Friendly

If you’re dropping $10 to $15 every time you stock up on a few rolls of paper towels, you could end up spending a couple hundred dollars a year cleaning up kitchen messes. This set of 6 large paper towel alternatives is machine washable, durable enough to last for years, and costs $25, so you can save money for fun purchases instead of cleaning supplies.

Why Customers Love Them

Amazon customers loved these “unpaper” towels, giving the product an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Several reviewers noted how absorbent they were, and said they worked better than any other brands they’d tried. Customers also liked that they were durable even after machine washing, and soft enough to use as napkins.

City Threads Organic Cotton Kitchen Towels available from Amazon