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If you were born without a green thumb, you might shy away from live house plants and opt for plastic faux plants or nothing at all. But you don’t need to pass up decorative, air-purifying plants because you’re afraid of the maintenance. These beautiful succulents are one of the easiest house plants to keep alive.

Healthy and Hand Selected

Every pack of 20 succulents from Plants for Pets comes hand-picked from a rotating nursery stock. This ensures all 20 succulents will arrive alive and healthy, and the variety of species is perfect for mixing and matching in terrariums or decorative pots.

Easy Care, Endless Options

Few house plants are more photogenic than mini succulents, which is why these adorable plants keep popping up on your Instagram and Pinterest feeds. There are endless ways to display the 20 succulents, from small decorative pots, wall mounts, geometric glass vases, and live wreaths. Succulents thrive when they’re not over watered, and they don’t require fertilizer to stay healthy, so caring for these house plants is easy.

Why Customers Love Them

Customers gave this set of live succulents 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. At under $50 for 20 live plants, the price couldn’t be beat. Customers also loved that these succulents were packed with care and arrived completely undamaged; even customers who were hesitant to order plants online were pleasantly surprised. Plants for Pets also pays for the adoption of a homeless animal for every 50 orders received, which was a plus for animal loving customers.

Plants for Pets Succulent Plants (20 Pack) Fully Rooted available from Amazon