Just because there’s a wall of windows, that doesn’t mean you can’t place your bed there.

Most bedrooms have a solid wall where you bed can be placed, but occasionally some don't. Feng shui experts say it's not a good idea to place a bed under a window, but sometimes a wall with a window is the only real choice. The question then becomes about how to decorate around it. There are some options will help your bed look good -- and like you have a great eye for design.

Create a faux wall

One option for creating a good look for your bed against a window is to disguise the window and recreate the wall the way you'd like for it to look. If you have a single window that's centered on the wall, or even one on a corner, this is a quick project.

Start by adding a screen such as the hand-carved Zaria Wood Screen (, or use a decorative panel as a window insert. The intricate design of the panels and screens feel more solid than curtains, and they'll still allow light in. Next, hang panel curtains on either side of the window or bed, to create a faux wall.

Play up the window

When there's a bank of windows, or you only have one window in the room, you still have options. Like the example above, if the wall with the window is the only wall you have for a bed, you may not want to block the light.

Instead, install curtain panels on either side, and add a headboard that looks solid, but that isn't taller than the half-way mark on the window. Mounting the curtains near the ceiling also gives the illusion of height and offsets the headboard size. A roller blind or shade can be installed for privacy at night.

Windows that take up the entire wall can also pose challenges to bed placement. In this case it's better to forget about the windows and place the bed as if it were on a solid wall, then dress the windows around the bed. Once the bed is positioned the way you like, adding solid curtains panels, such as those that are light blocking, will give the bed a more solid feeling.

Add sheers behind the panels on either side of the bed. Adding a pair of panels on the corners will finish the look. The sheer panels on either side of the solid panels next to the bed will give the appearance of two windows on either side of the bed and an illusion of a wall.

Go back to basics

A tried and true method is also to simply add curtains across the entire wall behind the bed. Solid panels that can be drawn open and close will give both privacy and light.

Another great option is a classic canopy bed. Decorative panels hung at the headboard of the bed and carried around to the sides can create an illusion of a wall and makes a terrific option, especially in rooms with a bank of windows. The canopy will help anchor the bed and keep it from looking floaty.

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