Ceiling speakers.

Hate the appearance of the traditional boxy hi-fi speakers that take up room on a shelf or floor? One option is to install speakers wired in the ceiling where they can be heard and barely seen. This is a doable job especially if you're planning a ceiling project because it will be open and easy to work in. In the past these speakers were high end items for the serious audiophile and usually part of a custom system, but today you'll find them designed for a handy homeowner to install. The speakers come with a connector that links a typical stereo receiver or amplifier and a wall volume control. Once they're installed, you'll barely notice the speakers because they're designed to look like any flush recessed light fixture and provide sound where you want it.

To have two good quality speakers installed with a connector and wall control in a 10-by-12 foot room, a stereo system installer will charge $460. You can buy the equipment and do it yourself for $175 and save 62 percent. To do the job you'll need a keyhole or drywall saw, Phillips head screwdriver, level, fish tape, wire strippers and a drill with bits. You'll find information about installing the speakers at www.hifiworks.com.

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Pro Cost -- DIY Cost -- Pro time -- DIY Time -- DIY Savings -- Percent Saved

$460 -- $175 -- 2.9 -- 7.0 -- $285 -- 62 Percent