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Home security systems can be complicated to install and expensive to maintain. If you need a quick deterrent to protect against break-ins, this $10 door wedge alarm from Sabre will protect your home without the hassle.

Attention-Grabbing Alarm

This affordable door wedge alarm deters break-ins with a 120-decibel alarm that wakes homeowners, notifies neighbors, and scares burglars away. The alarm is audible up to 1,000 feet away. You also don’t need to worry about the battery dying in the middle of the night thanks to a low battery indicator.


Whether you’re a homeowner who wants some extra protection against a break-in, you’re living or traveling alone, or you’re a parent who feels a little better gifting this door alarm to your college-bound kid for the dorm room, this alarm is portable and affordable enough to be used anywhere. Use it alone as break-in prevention or as an added layer of security.

Why Customers Love It

Apartment dwellers who don’t have the ability to install complex home security systems swear by this door alarm. Frequent travelers also love how easy it is to pack this alarm in their suitcase. Customers also describe this noise this alarm makes as ear-splitting.

Sabre Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm 120 dB available from Amazon