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With COVID-19 sweeping the United States, businesses have closed and citizens have been instructed to stay inside and self-isolate to flatten the curve. With gyms closed and spring days spent in isolation, finding creative ways to stay active is more important than ever; just ask the fitness instructor from Seville, Spain who led a viral exercise class from a building rooftop for residents quarantined in their apartments.

If you’re doing your best to prevent the spread of coronavirus, here are 5 ways you can reap the immune-boosting and positive mental health effects of exercise without leaving the house:

1) Set up your own yoga studio.

Yoga is one of the most affordable ways to exercise at home because the equipment is cheap; all you need are a mat and a block for modified or advanced poses. With hundreds of free yoga flows from beginner to advanced level available on YouTube, it’s easy to set up a home yoga studio in seconds. Yoga is also a great stress-reducing activity, which we could all use right now.

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2) Jump your stress away.

Need another stress relieving activity you can do from home? Turn to childhood favorites like jumping on a trampoline or skipping rope. Miniature folding trampolines are a great way to bring this workout to your living room while you’re socially distancing, and a jump rope is one of the most compact and affordable pieces of home gym equipment you can buy. The best part? These activities will keep children who are home due to school closings entertained and active too. 

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3) Bike while you work from home.

If you’re working remotely during the coronavirus outbreak, those long hours at the computer can get tedious fast. Try using an under desk stationary bike to break up the monotony and stay active even if you’re stuck at a desk all day.

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4) Build your upper body strength.

A quick dumbbell workout in the morning is a great way to build your upper body strength. If you’re in an apartment building this is also an affordable and practical way to work up a sweat without disturbing your neighbors.

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5) Use resistance bands for a full body workout.

As anyone who’s ever struggled through their first Pilates class knows, using your body weight and resistance bands provides a serious burn without any heavy duty gym equipment. A portable Pilates bar can be stashed in your closet between workouts.

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