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Owning a cat comes with plenty of purr-ks, but the litter box definitely isn’t one of them. Litter boxes and litter trapping mats aren’t known for being sleek enough to blend in with your with your furniture and decor, but this modern litter box is on a mission to change that.

Sleek Design

The MS modern cat litter box has a sleek design that doesn’t look out of place with the rest of your decor. It comes in 4 trendy colors: moss-green, Tiffany blue, sweet pink, and modern white. The cozy hut like design is propped up by mid-century modern legs, and completely hides the litter inside.

Practical Features

This modern cat litter box doesn’t just look great; it works just as well. The box features a pull out drawer for easy cleaning. It also has grated interior steps that ensure your cat won’t track litter outside the box. The contained profile and non stick plastic are designed to eliminate odor.

Why Customers Love It

Cat owning Amazon customers love this modern litter box. One major pro was that the oblong shape was compact enough to fit in small spaces but provided enough room inside for cats to maneuver around. They also liked how durable the litter box felt, and that the scoop stored firmly on an inside wall.

MS Cat Litter Box available from Amazon

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