Heated floors


Climbing out of the shower on a winter day with a cold bathroom floor may have you asking, “Are heated floors worth the investment?” If you’re considering heated floors in the bathroom, here’s everything you need to know about installation, costs, and benefits.

How do heated floors work?

Heated floors, also known as radiant heat, works by installing a mat before placing the tile on top. The mats come in three types: hydronic based, forced-air based, and electric based. Hydronic, which uses hot water to heat floors, is the most energy efficient, while electric is often easiest to install. In small spaces (under 20 square feet), you can usually draw electricity from an existing outlet without overloading the circuit. If you’re handy, you can install a heated floor yourself, or consult a local electrician about wiring.

How much does radiant heat cost?

Everyone would love toasty feet in the winter, so why doesn’t every home have heated flooring? The main issue is cost. Expect to spend $4 to $6 per square foot (in addition to the cost of tile and installation). You may also see your heating bill rise slightly, though the cost is less signification when heated flooring is installed in small spaces. If you’re already planning a bathroom renovation, look into heated flooring before placing your new tile, since it can’t be fitted retroactively.

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Is it worth the investment?

In small spaces like bathrooms, heated flooring can add a little luxury without enormous costs, especially if you’re already replacing the flooring. Heated flooring also warms up the room as hot air drifts upward. For handy homeowners, installation can be completed in a weekend.

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