Battery Organizer


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If you find yourself searching through your junk drawer for batteries only to find every kind except the one you need, or you frequently find old batteries that no longer charge in your home, you need this convenient battery organizer from Odin & Company.

How It Works

This compact storage case holds 98 batteries of various sizes (including 48 AA, 24 AAA, 8 D-cell, 10 C-cell, and 8 9V batteries) so you can instantly see what you have in stock and you’re never rifling through drawers for loose batteries. The organizer can also be mounted on a wall in your tool closet or office as a convenient reminder to stock up on what you’re missing.

Included Battery Tester

This battery organizer also comes with a removable battery tester so you’ll never have to worry about whether your batteries will charge again. The tester is small enough to fit in a purse or pocket so it can come with you to the office.

Why Customers Love It

Customers love that this battery organizer enables them to see exactly what they have on hand at a glance. They also liked the quality of the storage case, and the fact that it came with a battery tester. Several customers noted that the case was compact and saved space compared to keeping batteries in their original packaging.

Odin & Company Battery Organizer Storage Case Holder available from Amazon