Pet Robot


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All pet parents have felt a little bit of guilt when they have a long work day and need to leave their cat or dog home alone for hours. Not only does pet boredom lead to destructive behaviors, it can also cause your fur baby to put on a few unnecessary pounds. That’s why Amazon shoppers are loving this interactive pet fitness robot.

How It Works

The Varram fitness robot is the perfect way to keep your pet entertained and active while you’re away. The durable wheel design can perform 16 preset motions for engaging play, and makes sounds designed to catch your pet’s attention. The durable center body also tosses treats with the tap of a button so your cat or dog’s prey drive will stay active.

Smartphone Control

Not only can you set this toy up to engage your pet on a timer, you can also control it manually from your smartphone. The app allows you to check in with your pet throughout the day since pet movements are tracked and recorded. If you’re helping your pet manage a weight problem, analyzing the data with your vet can help you get a sense of how much activity they need daily to stay healthy.

Why Customers Love It

Amazon customers who loved this pet fitness robot mentioned a few key perks. Several customers mentioned how helpful this toy was at managing a common dog problem: separation anxiety. Cat owners liked that this toy got their lazy cats moving throughout the day, helped them reduce weight, and enabled the cats (and owners) to sleep through the night. Customers also liked the extra durable cover that made the toy sturdy enough for large dogs.

Varram Pet Fitness Robot available from Amazon