Tie Dye


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Tie-dye is back again in a big way, but solid pastel or deep jewel tone colors make it easier than ever to incorporate into your home, even if you’ve never dug 1960s rainbow style tie-dye. These pieces will fit seamlessly with a variety of home décor styles.

1) Duvet

Want to fully commit to a tie-dye look without making any permanent changes? Try a bold duvet cover. This white and indigo tie-dye duvet cover from BlessLiving could make a bold statement in a minimalist room, fit in at a beach house, or pop in a dorm room.

BlessLiving 3 Pieices Blue Tie Dyed Bedding available from Amazon

2) Throw Pillows

Sometimes a small pop of tie-dye is all you need to make a statement. These hand dyed throw pillows are dyed in a Japanese shibori style but instead of indigo dye, they’re streaked with an earthy green that’s perfect for bohemian interiors.

Hand Dyed Die Dye Shibori Cushion Pillow Case available from Amazon

3) Table Runner

This indigo shibori style table runner is another great way to incorporate the tie-dye trend while acknowledging that you might want to try the next home décor trend a few months down the line. At $12, it adds texture and pattern to your dining room without breaking the bank.

Indigo Shibori Dye Table Runner available from Amazon