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Q: Tim, what are your thoughts on burying electric and cable TV lines? I can buy approved cable and wire that's rated for direct burial, saving the cost of installing it in conduit. What's been your experience with underground utilities like this?

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Before spring arrives and before winter has left, there's a dull, gray drag of time where your family room can feel heavy and stale. Give it a pre-spring lift with a family room a refresh. You don't have to do an all-out redecorating job; just making a few key changes and swaps can breathe new life into your family room's look.

Q: Dear Tim, I averted a near Christmas Eve disaster. I was making 75 deviled eggs for 30 guests who were soon to arrive. I turned on my disposal to grind up the eggshells and ended up with a pool of smelly egg water in the sink!

Q: I'm about to build a new home with both an attached garage and a separate free-standing three-bay garage. The house I grew up in had floor drains in the garage and they were wonderful. A: I can tell you, I live this nightmare each winter here in snowy New Hampshire.

Q: Dear Tim, I love reading your column in my local paper. Several months ago, you wrote about which plumbing pipe might be better for water lines, copper and PEX. You briefly mentioned a new tool that eliminates the need for soldering copper.

A holiday meal is always more special with a beautifully set table. This color combination is available in dinnerware styles that are classic, such as the Noritake Rochelle, with its clean white background and a simple gold band, or the formal style of Noritake Summit Gold dinnerware, with its gold flourishes and deep gold banding. There's also the simpler, yet...

This is not a favorite job for most homeowners, but it's an important one because cleaning and repairing a gutter system prevents soil erosion and water damage to the siding and foundation. We call it grunt work because it's messy and unpleasant, but it's so inexpensive to do compared to the high cost of water damage. Your reward is knowing every time it rains, your...

For many homeowners hiring an interior designer was a daunting task, from finding the right designer, to finding the designer who understands your style, to finding one who'll work within your timeframe and budget, it was often a challenge. Today, though, almost anything can be gotten on the internet, including interior design and decorating through today's...

Lighten up- your entrance, that is. Make your home accessible at night with a porch lantern to brighten the area and assure safe footing in the evening. A bright light at night is also a good deterrent to intruders who prefer a dimly lit entrance.