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Q: My guess is you're not a gardener, but I do need your help. I'm about to purchase a small greenhouse kit and wonder if there are any special foundation requirements. The manufacturer doesn't have much to say about this.

It's always easy to improve your home with new appliances, furniture or paint, but what about those things around your house that annoy you, like dirty grout on the tile or that low-flow shower head that takes forever to rinse the shampoo from your head? Here are several ideas for improving your home this...


If your bathroom is feeling a little tired or bland, chances are you don’t need to undergo a full remodel to give it a refresh. Instead, spruc…

A shower can mean many things to many people. The water can sprinkle, spritz, or swivel and rain down in a gentle stream, or it can spray straight or in a powerful downpour. When you shop for a new showerhead you'll see they do a lot more than spray water and many are designed for easy installation.