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Q: I'm almost certain I want an apron sink in my new kitchen. You've got one last chance to talk me out of it. I can sometimes be more concerned about looks than how something functions, so if you feel I'll regret my decision, I need to know now.-- Lori T., Riverside, Calif..

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Is your laundry area in need of a facelift? A good place to start is replacing the old fiberglass wash sink with a stylish new laundry tub. It seems the utilitarian sink designed to collect water from the washing machine does a lot more than that while accumulating stains and scars from years of painting and gardening chores.

Q: Dear Tim, I averted a near Christmas Eve disaster. I was making 75 deviled eggs for 30 guests who were soon to arrive. I turned on my disposal to grind up the eggshells and ended up with a pool of smelly egg water in the sink!

Yesterday I was perusing a national news website whose headlines more and more seem to resemble those of a sensational supermarket tabloid. Being a syndicated newspaper columnist, I find this transition most interesting. One particular headline blared about the five things you should NEVER put...

Friends call and say they want to stop by for a few minutes for a friendly visit over the holidays. You want to say yes, but as you look around all your house can say is, "No!" But the unexpected visits of friends and family during the holidays are some of the best of the entire year.

Q: I've talked to several contractors about what drywall should be used in what areas of my house, and their advice is not in agreement. One contractor talks about green board. Another one mentions MMR board.

The kitchen is the most used room in the house. And when it's time to put a meal together, having an organized kitchen will help you find what you're looking for when you're looking for it. By spending some time organizing, mealtimes will be faster and your kitchen will stay neater. Function Make sure you can get to what you need when you need it. If you cook frequently, make sure you have a ...