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Most batteries don't work as well in cold temperatures, but you might notice it most in your smartphone. It's common for phones (or tablets, l…

Most medications have storage temperature recommendations of 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit listed on the packaging. That means unless your car is p…


Phaleonopsis orchid flowers have awe-inspiring and long-lasting flowers that really make them an ideal gift. Look for a plant where not all the buds are open. This means you would have the maximum amount of time to enjoy the blooms. With a little affection, phaleonopsis (moth) orchid blooms can last 6-8 weeks and become a reblooming houseplant.


Q: Tim, can you cut through the fog of confusion about solar attic fans? Do they really work, or are they mostly hype? What does it take to really cool an attic space?

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Hot summer temperatures put your dog at risk for dehydration or heatstroke—after all, your pup is braving the same heat you are while wearing …