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The gray plastic pipes in the trenches will soon have electric and cable-TV cables in them. The pipes help prevent future cut lines. The photo…

Q: Tim, what are your thoughts on burying electric and cable TV lines? I can buy approved cable and wire that's rated for direct burial, saving the cost of installing it in conduit. What's been your experience with underground utilities like this?

Before spring arrives and before winter has left, there's a dull, gray drag of time where your family room can feel heavy and stale. Give it a pre-spring lift with a family room a refresh. You don't have to do an all-out redecorating job; just making a few key changes and swaps can breathe new life into your family room's look.

The versatility of glass block systems lets you create a half-wall or floor-to-ceiling room divider.

Prefabricated glass block systems are often used to create a shower wall enclosure in a bathroom, but today's designers and homeowners can create new spaces with them throughout a house. The versatility of these systems lets you create a half-wall or floor-to-ceiling room divider, define space in a front entry or bring daylight into a room with an outside wall.

This is an apron sink I’m installing in the scullery of my daughter’s new home. I also put a slightly different one in her kitchen island.

Q: I'm almost certain I want an apron sink in my new kitchen. You've got one last chance to talk me out of it. I can sometimes be more concerned about looks than how something functions, so if you feel I'll regret my decision, I need to know now.-- Lori T., Riverside, Calif..

If you’re handy and have basic plumbing tools and talent, you can replace your laundry tub.